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QUALIBUS is an application functioning in a smartphone and permiting to make quality controls in function of the theoretical repository of exploitation (drivers, stops, lines, fares, schedules,…) which is set in the AVL LOCBUS.

The whole control themes and the associated qualifying criterion are defined by the regulator in the AVL LOCBUS in function of the AOT special technical clauses. They are automatically imported in the smartphone when it can connect to the server by 3G/GPRS.

So the inspector gets to all or part of the applications in function of its profil.

QUALIBUS permits to give to the inspectors a performing tool, easy to use, upgradeable and which can fall within an ECO-RESPONSIBLE approach thanks to the dematerialization reports .

Objective 0 Paper attained.


Each title criterion for each control theme is assessed in function of your analysis grid or the one provided by the AOT. Possibility to choose qualifying criterion in a drop-down menu or enter a numerical value.

At the end of the control, it is automatically sent by 3G/GPRS link to the AVL LOCBUS server archiving and consultation via « reports and statistics » module.