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is leader in embedded Passenger Information System and Automatic Vehicle Location System Innovation.

Our objective :

Provide to our customers the best solution to their needs according to their equipment and vehicles park,  in accordance with the PRM (Person with Reduced Mobility) decree of May 3rd 2007 : 

  • An adjustable and progressive product architecture depending on the customer need
  • An innovative, solid and multi-function AVL System
  • A proven reliability in critical environments
  • An interfacing system with the other functions of the bus (destination signs, AVL, ticketing technology, ...)
  • Simple and intuitive programming softwares usable by the whole exploitation team
  • Start-up trainings provided by us
  • The possibility to enlarge our service : updates and maintenance system agreement, adverstising control, ...
  • Nowadays, our knowledge covers 8 product lines, that ables SPEC to be the unique interlocutor of the Organizational Authorities and managers

To know more about the PRM decree : click here