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Since 1981, time of its creation, SPEC remains a French SMB which has always built its development on 3 strategical lines :

  • Industrial innovation
  • Support and service towards its customers
  • Global quality of its service

That is why in 2002, after producing several generations of film, “pastilles” and LED destination signs for major clients such as RATP, SPEC has been one of the first equipment manufacturer to develop embedded Passenger Information System and Automatic Vehicle Location System with TFT screens, like in Chamonix, with all the constraints of geolocation due to mountains and tunnels, climatic and vibratory conditions for embedded material, and of communication with other tools as well as external communication systems. Since that time, SPEC kept developing its AVL LOCBUS according to the quality standard ISO 9001 criteria to position itself today as a major operator in this market.

Thus, many Organizational Authorities and Operation Groups trust us to equip themselves with a reliable and well sized tool in accordance with their need: RATP, Airports of Paris, Airport of Lyon, Airport of Toulouse, Veolia, Transdev, Réunir, SNCF, many Departmental Councils …

Moreover, our R&D strategy in the embedded Passenger Information and AVL System revolves, since 5 years, around a strong partnership with OSEO which supports SMB innovation and growth. These last partnerships allowed us to develop a new generation of destination signs, TFT screens as well as an automatic system of configuration of your future AVL.

Finally, by selecting SPEC, you will be guaranteed to choose the latest French equipment provider to design, grow and manufacture its products in France, in our factory of Morières Les Avignon. For your information, your project means hundreds of hours of work from our French engineers and technicians. Through the multiple technical and economic studies we will relay to you, I invest all the company resources, my expertise and the motivation of my colleagues to satisfy your needs by offering you an efficient, perfectly sized and reliable Passenger Information and AVL System.


Nicolas FLORY, Managing Director